Introducing Kenya MFSA

We are excited to have welcomed and introduce Kenya MFSA who "sensitize individuals, communities, and the whole nation on justice, peace issues and their respective roles and duties in addressing peace development, human advancement and human rights.”  Listed below our the Core Values of Kenya MFSA:

     1. PRAYERS:
          Our Justice work begins with prayer. We rely on all-powerful God to help us do what is only possible with trough him. As we seek justice on
          behalf of others, we rely on an all-powerful

          We strive to maintain both Local & global Prayer Partners as we serve those in desperate need and safeguard human rights.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya MFSA has been living into these Core Values by provided assistance and support to refugees and Kenyan Nationals.  Kenya MFSA has taken the initiative to support "25 family households from Congo" and "15 families from Somalia and Sudan" by (1) promoting "the natural social cohesion" between the refugee families and their local Kenyan neighbors, who sometimes act as hosts, and by (2) providing food assistance to the refugee families.  As emphasized in the latest Kenya MFSA newsletter by Board Chairperson, Rev. Sammy K. Kagwi, Kenya MFSA is committed to “addressing issues of human rights violations and food relief to mostly immigrant families and refugees” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  "We shall continue to work with various stakeholders and help in safe- guarding and protecting rights of the refugees, rights of minorities who face most human rights violations at a time like this."

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