Israeli Annexation of Palestinian Land: Legalizing Apartheid

Click Here to watch the recording of the joint MFSA and UMKR webinar featuring Jonathan Kuttab, Palestinian attorney and human rights activist, and Dr. Dalit Baum, Israeli-born activist, educator and director of Economic Activism Program at AFSC, on the Israeli Annexation of Palestinian land and the implications of this annexation, an Apartheid.

Here are some of the action items that were lifted up on the call:

1. Contact your members of Congress to oppose Israeli Annexation of Occupied Palestinian Territory and to oppose Trump’s plan supporting apartheid in Palestine and Israel.

2. Learn how and which companies profit from and support state violence and make sure your investments aren't supporting human rights violations in Palestine and Israel.

3. Implement resolutions the UMC* has already passed by boycotting settlement companies, including but not limited to Pillsbury, Airbnb, and Motorola Solutions.

4. Read the recent letter opposing annexation sent to U.S. Congress signed on by the Church for Middle East Peace and the President of the UMC's Council of Bishops.

* In 2012, the UMC adopted Resolution 6111: Opposing Israeli Settlements:

     We further call on all nations to prohibit:

          1.  any financial support by individuals or organizations for the construction and
               maintenance of settlements; and

          2.  the import of products made by companies in Israeli settlements on
               Palestinian land. We ask all companies that profit from and/or support
               settlements through their business activities to examine these and stop
               any business that contributes to serious violations of international law,
               promotes systemic discrimination or otherwise supports ongoing military