Planned Giving Opportunities


 1. Bequests

Whatever your age or the size of your estate, you should have a valid will. Unrestricted bequests enable us to underwrite the future work and witness of MFSA. Bequests may also be directed to our endowment fund. All gifts from your estate become a charitable contribution for your estate. Bequests of any amount are welcome.

MFSA would also be glad to explore the following options with anyone who is interested in giving in one of these ways:

2. Life Insurance Gifts

Life insurance gifts empower you to make a generous financial contribution to MFSA when you may not have many assets.

There are several ways that you can structure a gift of life insurance to MFSA:

  • You can make MFSA the owner and beneficiary of an already existing paid-up life insurance policy.
  • You can make MFSA a beneficiary of an already existing life insurance policy.
  • You can make MFSA owner and beneficiary of a policy on which you are still paying premiums.
  • You can purchase a new policy and make MFSA the owner and beneficiary.
  • You can donate your excess group-term coverage to MFSA.

3. Charitable Gift Annuities

With a charitable gift annuity, you receive a guaranteed fixed income quarterly for life and/or the life of another person you designate. Your annuity income is set in relation to your age at the time of the gift. You receive a charitable deduction for the year in which the gift was made, and a portion of the annual income payment is tax exempt. Minimum amount for annuity: $5,000. Minimum age for beneficiaries: 60 years. Younger beneficiaries can choose a deferred starting date.

4. Charitable Remainder Trusts

If you contemplate a gift of $200,000 or more to the MFSA, you may wish to consider either of the types of charitable remainder trusts (the charitable remainder unitrust or the charitable remainder annuity trust). Both provide you with income for life and are individually designed to meet your special needs. Minimum age: 50.

MFSA is a 501(c) 3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.

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